Baby Blue - Baby QuasarBaby Blue is the blue LED light therapy version of the Baby Quasar device. If you were searching for the ultimate acne light therapy device, Baby Blue is the at the top of the basket. It has been designed to complete the original Baby Quasar for a better acne treatment. The blue light therapy provided by Baby Blue kills the bacteria causing acne. This clears acne from your skin and prevent future outbreaks.

Quick Look:

  • Blue light treatments
  • Uses proprietary SequePulse technology
  • 30 minute treatments for full face
  • $299, was $399 then $349.

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Baby Blue Review

The Baby Blue device uses the same technology than the Baby Quasar device, called SequePulse. Compared to standard light therapy devices, multiple wavelenghts are used and this technology removes harmonics in the light. Very technical, but this simply means you achieve better results, and faster!

It is of course used the same way, in 2 minute treatments. Full treatments last about 30 minutes (for the whole face). It is recommended to do a 3 to 5 weekly treatments to see longer results, then a monthly or bi-monthly maintenance treatments are enough.

Baby Blue is very powerful, built to treat mild, amoderate and severe acne prone skin.

  • Pros:

This is certainly the most powerful and effective device on the market. LED light therapy is of course a safe and painless procedure, as well as non invasive and non abrasive one. Baby Blue doesn’t need you to purchase products containing harsh chemicals. Not only this will save you money but it will keep your skin softer and not itching.

Baby Blue is an easy to use acne light therapy product. You can start the treatment at the push of a button and treat the problem areas as well as all your face.

It is also a corded device. Though some people would prefer the mobility of a rechargeable device, there are no issues with the battery since there’s none. Battery operated devices may after some time stop charging, this is not the case with Baby Blue and thus you will enjoy treatments for much longer.

Baby Quasar light therapy devices are very well made, Baby Blue is of great quality and durable.

  • Cons:

The price of course may be a brake for some budgets, though may be justified by the unique technology (SequePulse) that makes it more effective than others.


This is a high quality product, and above all, a very effective device to treat acne skin, since it will produce results even on extreme acne conditions. As a blue light therapy device, Baby Blue is at the top of the range. We recommend this product, though red light therapy is also very helpful to reduce scars, inflammation and accelerate skin healing.

For acne sufferers who want only the best, Baby Blue is our top recommendation. Simply the best acne light therapy device.

Baby Blue Reviews – What others are saying…

Baby Blue was really helpful for me.
actual user comment on SkinCareRx

I have spent so much money on creams and docor bills that I decided to buy this. I was very skeptical at first but still wanted to try it, being over 30 and still having acne. I got the Baby Blue by Quasar and used it 4 times in a week on the areas that needed this and my acne totally vanished. Of course, I still have few spots where there were blemishes, but these are gone. I amĀ  impressed so much that I told my friends I’d go working for Quasar. Just kidding, but the results are there. Acne has been a problem I had to fight for years and getting clear skin in just a week, safely and painlessly is such a great feeling.
actual user review from Amazon

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What’s in the box?

  • Baby Blue device
  • Power supply
  • User manual
  • Travel pouch

Price: $299
Warranty: 5 years

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