Baby Quasar Light Therapy DeviceBaby Quasar is the red light therapy by Quasar Light Therapy. It is both used to fight signs of aging and accelerate acne healing. It has been one of the first and is still one of the most powerful light therapy device on the market, designed for those who want only the best skin care solution.

Quick Look:

  • red light therapy device
  • infrared light
  • light pulsing with SequePulse technology
  • 30 minutes treatments
  • $399, was $449

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Baby Quasar Review

Baby Quasar provides a deep red LED Light therapy to your skin. It reduces wrinkles and give back elasticity and firmness to your skin. It also diminish discoloration and shrinks pores. The Baby Quasar device also helps to clear acne, reduce inflammation and scars.

Note: Of course, the Baby Blue device (blue light therapy device) is more appropriate to kill the acne bacteria It can be used for skin problems on the face and body.

How to use?

Directions included recommend you divide your face in 6 areas. Then you just need to plug it in and push the start button.

Two modes are available : low (orange) or high (red) pulse. You just need to move the device slowly on the areas that need to be treated for 2 minutes and then move to another area. You can use it on your face and on your body skin.

Once your treatment is finished, clean the device as per the direcion suggests, with alcohol.

  • Pros:

It uses the patent pending technology SequePulse technology (also used on the Quasar professional line) that provides four different red and infrared wavelengths which gives you faster and better results so you can see a younger skin after the first weeks.

The red light treatment stimulates collagen, cellular activity and circulation to ease nutrients flow in your skin. This promotes a healthier, smoother and younger skin and you will look your best. You will be more attractive and feel more confident about your skin and your friends will think you got a face lift!

Baby Quasar could be your all in one skin care solution. It is powerful enough alone to provide anti aging treatments that you could only get at a higher price at spas. It is also recommended to heal acne scars and inflammation. Plus you won’t need to spend as much money on creams and lotions so you can save your money for something else you really want.

The device is very durable, you will get a strong (but gentle ;)) device made in the USA with aircraft aluminium housing. It is not going to fall apart and since its a corded tool there are no battery issues.

  • Cons:

Baby Quasar is not cheap, at $399 not everyone can afford it, and if you needed a blue light treatment device, the Baby Quasar Power Pack is $699. But it is high quality grade, and high end technology and durable material make it a great one time investment and a skin care tool you will use for a long time to keep your skin younger and healthier.

  • Overall

Baby Quasar has proven over years that it is the best light therapy device out there. Not only it is extremely powerful to treat aging signs from wrinkles to age spots as well as acne, it improves your overall condition to get you a healthier skin. LED light therapy is delivered with optimal efficiency thanks to the built in advanced technology.

Red light is the rejuvenating, healing light and Baby Quasar simply is the top recommended photo rejuvenation device for this purpose. Infrared light therapy and pulsed light are also what makes this tool unique.

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Baby Quasar Reviews – What Others Are Saying…

“My skin looks better than my friends who are younger than me, I am 35 and my skin is PERFECT.”

“My skin is looking better and better after each treatment on sun spots and overall!”
actual users feedback from SpaLook

“Abslutely fantastic to reduce wrinkles”
actual user review from SkinStore

I didn’t know what to think at first but I didn’t want to pay for spa treatments either so I got Baby Quasar. I took a bit of time to see any difference but after the first 6 weeks, my cheeks were firmer and all few bumps completely vanished. A dermatologist recommended me to get laser treatments which are way more expensive, Baby Quasar worked perfectly. I had brown spots on my forehead which have fully disappeared, rosacea and redness that dramatically diminished (I don’t have to use any concealer anymore) and my pores have reduced, after 7 months of maintenance use.”
actual user review from SkinCareRx

“Baby Quasar does what it claims. It minimizes wrinkles by pumping up skin. In fact, after two weeks half of the laugh line on both side of my mouth is gone.
I saved enough on dermatalogists visits that I’ve found out Baby Q already paid for itself!”
actual customer feedback from DermStore

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What’s included?

  • Baby Quasar device
  • user manual
  • power supply
  • travel pouch

Price: $399
Warranty: 5 year

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