Blue light therapy is the LED procedure to treat acne prone skin. Acne is the most common skin disease, and it doesn’t just cause physical and visible issues (pimples, spots, oily skin…). Psychic damages have also been proven to be a consequence of acne. Teenagers experience discomfort and fear what others have to say about their skin, and such feelings can still be an issue as well in adults.

The acne light therapy is the blue light therapy. However it is also used in conjunction with red light therapy for even more efficiency.You may have found a real, proven way to remove acne from your face. Here are few more details about this technology.

How Blue Light Therapy For Acne Works?

Blue Light TherapyAcne can be caused by a numerous factors. There are hormones, which are not easily under control, pollution and other external aggressive substances, junk foods, genes… When acne develops, the Propionibacterium acnes bacteria (P. acne) causes inflammation and later inflammatory lesions. That’s when blue light therapy comes to the rescue of your skin.

The bacteria will actually kill itself by absorbing the blue light. Indeed, blue light will activate a porphyrin (a group of organic compound) which will release singlet oxygen, killing the bacteria. This blue light therapy for acne LEDs needs to be emitting in the 415nm range for this process to occur.

The treatments are completely natural, you just need to apply light on the areas that need to be treated. It doesn’t burn, so it’s completely safe too. Your skin starts to clear and you can see acne vanishing.

Blue Light Therapy Improved With Red Light?

Yes, blue light is effective, so why would you add red light treatments? Well red light therapy will greatly improve your results in fighting and HEALING your skin. If you are an acne sufferer, you know that pimples, blackheads or whiteheads are not just the only symptoms and signs of acne.

Redness and oily shiny skin are few others. Plus scars can also occur and leave some disgracious marks on your face. Well, red light controls sebum and oil production and will also reduce the inflammation that causes the redness. And since this is a light that helps cells renewal, it will also reduce acne scars, and ultimately remove them.

There are now several blue light therapy for acne devices publicly available so you don’t have to pay recurring fees for sessions with a dermatologist or aesthetician. You will find the best ones on our website by browsing the menu on the right. Some of the most popular being the Baby Blue by Quasar Light Therapy, LightStim Acne, Omnilux Clear-U and ANSR.

If you are serious about treating acne and have tried countless chemical creams, lotions or worse, drugs, then why not try blue light therapy? A natural, non surgical and safe procedure that use your body natural healing capacity to give you back a great looking skin.