THE EVIS MD PLATINUM BLUE IS DISCOUNTINUED.The best alternative at a very close price ($299) is the Baby Quasar Blue device.

Evis MD Platinum BlueThe Evis MD Platinum Blue is the acne light therapy device from the creators of the the Ageless Beauty Marvel Mini devices. Marvel Mini devices became insanely popular and quickly became unavailable almost everywhere. The Evis MD Platinum devices (Blue and Red) are the new version of Marvel Mini and look very similar.

Quick Look:

  • Blue light therapy device for acne
  • 3 minute treatments
  • battery operated
  • $295

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Evis MD Platinum Blue Review

Evis MD Platinum Blue is a portable medical grade blue LED light therapy device, designed to fight acne and blemishes. It doesn’t use any UV light or laser, but wavelenght at an optimal intensity for the best results. Evis and Marvel Mini devices are the portable devices derived from the Marvel 6 device, the professional equipment that the brand also creates.

How to use?

Simply begin the treatment by pressing the start button and apply the head with light directly on your skin area that needs to be treated. The treatment will last 3 minutes, after that, you can treat another area.

  • Pros:

Evis MD Platinum Blue is a very powerful device. As any blue LED light therapy acne device, it kills the P. acne bacteria, heals acne blemishes and prevent future outbreaks. It is made for mild to moderate acne. Non ablasive, non intrusive, it provides a safe, natural and painless treatment.

The device comes with its power supply base so you can move around while you get your treatment. A travel pouch is also included so you may carri it with wherever you go and keep clearing up your skin.

You will not have to buy acne creams and serums and thus save money to get you some cool gifts. Many acne sufferers have tried countless products to improve their condition and a ligh therapy device is a long term investment as well as a money saver.

Just like the Evis MD Platinum red light device, a treatment lasts 3 minute, and a full face session should be about 20 minutes, which is a quite short duration for such devices.

  • Cons:

Users report it does take some time to see significant results. You need to keep using the product regularly and may want to treat your skin more often than the manufacturer recommends (twice a week).

  • Overall

From our research it seems the Evis MD Platinum Blue device is a good blue light therapy for acne tool that works, providing you put it to work regularly an may be more than directed. The device and power base have a nice design and it is a nice thing a travel pouch is included too.

However, with another design and more advanced technology, the Baby Blue device is priced very similarly ($299) and we thus consider it over the Evis MD Platinum Blue. You can check the Baby Blue review on our website too.

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Evis MD Platinum Blue Reviews – Others Said…

“It seems sometimes it works and somtimes not. I’m not sure if it’s a good purchase considering the price.”
actual user comment from SkinStore

“After few months of use I have noticed my skin looks better.”
actual customer review from SpaLook

“I had really bad acne for years and have used so many commercial products you can find. I have a sensitive skin that reacts to these chemical treatments. It is the fist time I come accross one single solution that is non-invasive. I’ve noticed the first results within a week and after a month I have no more acne. I still use it for maintenance to prevent pimples from coming back.”
Acutal customer feedback from Amazon

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What is included?

  • Evis MD Platinum Blue light therapy device
  • User manual
  • Power base
  • Travel pouch

Price: $295
Warranty: 1 year

Evis MD PLatinum Blue

Special offer : Evis MD Platinum Duo at $442.50 (a $590 value)

Evis MD Platinum Blue is now a DISCONTINUED product, unavailable in store and online.
We highly recommend you check out Baby Blue (review is on our site).