THE EVIS MD PLATINUM RED IS DISCOUNTINUED. Two great alternatives that we recommend are the Baby Quasar and LightStim Anti Aging Light.
Evis MD Platinum RedEvis MD Platinum devices are the new personal light therapy equipment from the creators of the Marvel Mini devices. The Evis MD Platinum Red device replaces the Marvel Mini Red device for the same purpose : fighting aging, although we like to remind red light therapy is also effective to heal acne skin from scars, inflammation and redness.

Quick Look:

  • red light therapy device
  • 3 minutes treatments (per area)
  • battery operated
  • $295

Rating: Evis MD Platinum Red rating

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Evis MD Platinum Red Review

Evi MD Platinum Red emits red light for anti aging purposes. The treatment is safe for all skin and last 3 minutes, you just need to apply the head on your face area you want to treat. Also the directed frequency of treatment is twice a week.

How to use?
Just like any other device, once the treatment starts, apply the light directly on your face. No need to press the weight of the device is enough. Move to another area when 3 minute treatment is done.

  • Pros:

The red LED light therapy provided by Evis MD Platinum Red increases the collagen production (by 150 to 200%), that enhance your skin elasticity and firmness, thus reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

It also diminish the appearance of age spots, dark under-eye circles, helps to repair sun-damaged skin. The Evis MD Platinum Red device is very complete and uses optimal wavelenght intensity to give you a safe light therapy treatment (no UV, IPL or laser) for a younger and healthier skin.

Each Evis MD Platinum device comes with its power supply base. This is a battery operated tool so you can enjoy some mobility that you won’t get with some other devices and be able to treat your face while watching TV for example.

The treatment is quite fast, 3 minutes, so a full face treatment will take you approximately 20 minutes only.

  • Cons:

The Evis MD Platinum Red device may take longer than other devices to deliver results. Some users report two treatments a week is not enough and consider treating their skin more often. However, though the results may get longer to appear the results are there if you stick to it.

If baby Quasar is too expensive for you then the Evis MD Platinum is still a good choice.

  • Overall

The device is safe to use, LED light therapy is a painless and non invasive procedure and Evis MD Platinum red is as good as its competitors in terms of safeness. Regarding results, most users report the wait is worhwile so we recommend to be patient and wait at least 8 weeks.

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Evis MD Platinum Red Reviews – What others are saying…

“It took me 10 weeks of use to see 50% of my freckles fade. I also have a significantly firmer skin. Several fine lines are gone and my jaw line contour is clearly tighter. Most people I know tell me I look much better.”
actual user review from Amazon

“It’s a wonderful tool so consider saving up and get it. You will be satisfied.”
actual user comment from SpaLook

“It’s been 6 months now that I’m using the Evis MD Red device. I must tell it took care of my skin and reduced fne lines, discoloration dark circles as well as my acne. I only use it twice a week for about 20 minutes per complete treatment. I didn’t know if it was working at first but I sticked with it and after two months my skin neverlooked that good for years. I stopped using it and I saw aging signs come back. I had more spots and lines on my forehead were more visible. So I got back to using the device twice a week and my skin again looked better. I got this at a discounted price otherwise I wouldn’t have bought it. Now after seeing results I’m sure it’s worth the money. ”
actual customer feedback from SkinStore

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What’s in the box?

  • Evis MD Platinum Red device
  • Power Supply Base
  • Instructions
  • Travel Pouch

Price: $295
Warranty: 1 year

Order Evis MD Platinum MD Red at the Best Price!

Special offer : you can get the Evis MD Platinum Duo at $442.50 (a $590 value) which includes both red and blue light devices.