LightStim Acne LightLightStim AcneLightStim Acne Light is one of the 3 LightStim light therapy devices and is designed to address acne with a serious LED treatment. For adults and teenagers the LightStim Acne Light is a great alternative to drugs and chemicals. Always safe, painless and non invasive.

Quick Look:

  • Acne light therapy device
  • emits blue, red and infrared light
  • 5 minutes treatments
  • $349

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LightStim Acne Light Review

The principle is always the same, blue light to kill the acne bacteria and prevent future breakouts, red and infrared light to reduce inflammation, heal scars and shrink pores. It is recommended to treat mild to moderate acne. So How does the LightStim Acne Light compares to others?

Pretty well!

  • Pros:

LightStim is a serious and trusted company in the LED Light therapy industry, selling their professional range to dermatologists and skin specialists all over the world.

Many acne light therapy devices will only emit blue light. LightStim Acne Light emits blue, red and infrared light to deliver optimal results. You can be confident to get results if you do the “work”. Your skin will get healthier and softer and you can get back your self-confidence. Teens know how painful acne can be psychologically, but remember about 80% of teens have acne. Now you can have a better skin and stop wondering what others think about it. (This is also true for adults)

There are 72 LEDs in the head of the LightStim acne device. These are medical grade and high output individual lights so you have a strong and well made product. Also the lights encompass 3 varriying wavelenghts, which is a key factor in getting better and faster results (wavelenghts are between 450nm and 1000nm).

  • Cons:

Some people prefer the mobility battery operated devices provide. However LightStim devices are powerful, This is why it is corded and not battery operated, to guarantee enough power for the 72 LEDs. You can still treat acne from the comfort of your home while doing other activities.

Also, you need it to be part of your skin care routine. It may take time to see results but patience is worthwile, considering the long time investment and the all natural solution acne light therapy provides.

While its competitors are decreasing their prices, and below $300, LightStim Acne device is over $300, which is of course something one has to take into account at the time of purchase.

  • Overall

The LightStim Acne Light is a very interesting device. It is powerful, with a high number of LEDs and emits not just blue but red and infrared lights. This device seems to have everything to produce wanted results, and it will if the user is willing to use it regularly. Clearing your skin from pimples, preventing future breakouts and keeping a soft and smooth skin is possible without medication with this device.

The price is more expensive than all other acne light therapy devices: Baby Blue, Omnilux Clear-U, ANSR, but users found it was worth the money.

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LightStim Acne Light Reviews… What Others Are Saying

“Week three of using my LIGHTSTIM ACNE LIGHT and I love it…I must say, I love the LightStim…OMG … this product is amazing.”
actual customer review from megsmakeup forums

“I have been using it for the past 2 months and I am 100% free of any active acne. My red marks have been disappearing and people have been noticing the improvement in my skin.”
actual user feedback from forum.

What’s included?

  • LightStim Acne Light device
  • User manual

Warranty: 2 year
Price: $349

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