LightStim Rosacea LightLightStim RosaceaLightStim Rosacea Light is one of the 3 LED Light therapy devices by LightStim. It is quite rare to see a device for rosacea and this one may be the only one on the market, at least for home use and the general public. At last, a real answer for rosacea sufferers, without chemicals and drugs. A non-invasive and safe solution just like other acne and anti aging devices. The LightStim Rosacea Light device is a serious skin care tool.

Quick Look:

  • Specifically developped for Rosacea
  • red, infrared and medical grade blue light therapy
  • 2-3 minutes treatments per area
  • $349

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Oder LightStim Rosacea Light

LightStim Rosacea Light Review

LightStim Rosacea Light is announced by the manufacturer as possibly the only LED light on the market specifically designed to treat rosacea. Though other home devices may be recommended to treat rosacea too, this was not the main skin condition they were made for. This alone set the LightStim Rosacea light apart from all others and it is of course the recommended light therapy device for that specific concern.

You can use your device in combination with your rosacea products.

  • Pros:

The LightStim Rosacea Light uses a combination of red, infrared and medical-grade blue lights to provide an optimal treatment to your skin to get results and diminishing rosacea. Your skin will start to get smoother, redness and bumps will vanish so you will feeel more confident and attractive.

There are 72 LEDs included in the head of the LightStim Rosacea device, which is quite a high number for a home light therapy device. This make it a powerful device and LightStim made it a corded device instead of battery operated to supply constant power. We second that, plus, you avoid the risk of dealing with a battery that stop recharging (you know how frustrating it is when your cell phone battery don’t charge anymore).

Lights are also emitting 4 varrying wavelenghts ranged between 450nm and 850nm, this is in the range of effectiveness of light therapy and will get you a healthier and better skin. Light gets your skin smoother and shrinks pores and improve your overall skin tone.

LEDs used by LightStim are rated at 100,000 hours, that means that if you used your device for an hour a day, it shouldlast for about… 274 years! Since the recommended treatments are 2-3 minutes per area, a full face treatment would be at maximum 30 minutes, at this pace this is 548 years. A lifetime of light treatment if you need it.

  • Cons:

It’s still new on the market and we haven’t found customer reviews (we’ll update this page), so it’s difficult to report issues from users. But LightStim is not a gadget maker and are proud to have sold more LED Light therapy equipment to professionals such as spas, estheticians, dermatologists and skin care clinics than any other manufacturers. It is a trusted company.

We have appreciated the fact that LightStim explains results may be immediate but may also take some time to appear. Skin care conditions develop through time and need time to improve too.

  • Overall

Well again, LightStim Rosacea Light seems to be the only personal LED light therapy for rosacea device on the market, and rosacea sufferers now have an all natural and safe solution for their specific concern. LightStim devices are solid and powerful, made in the USA with a high number of LEDs that will last a lifetime so the LightStim Rosacea is a great value for the money, a wise investment.

LightStim knows how to make LED light therapy devices and the Rosacea Light is a great device.

What’s included?

  • LightStim Rosacea Light device
  • User Manual

Price: $349
Warranty: 2 year

Oder LightStim Rosacea Light