Omnilux New-U Light Therapy Device (1 piece)omnilux clear-uOmnilux Clear-U combines blue and red LED Light Therapy ! It is designed to fight mild to moderate acne.

We are very pleased to feature this acne light therapy device on our website. The Omnilux light therapy devices are very strong tools from a leader in light therapy equipment. The Omnilux and Lumière devices and machines are already used by dermatologists, spas and medical professionals with success, the at-home version Omnilux Clear-U is the LED light therapy device made to clear your skin from acne.

Quick Look:

  • emits both blue and red light to fight acne
  • 20 minute treatments
  • wide head covers large surface
  • comes with treatments and cleanser
  • goggles included
  • $195, was $295, then $225

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Omnilux Clear-U Rreview

Omnilux Clear-U is one of the most effective product on the market. Its technology of light emitting diodes is not very different of the other devices but it comes with 2 switchable red and blue light therapy. The blue LED light therapy as you know kills the P.acne bacteria, clearing your skin from blemishes.

Red LED light therapy will repair the damaged skin from scars and redness. The combination of blue and red light therapy stimulates healthy skin tissue growth, reduce inflammation and decrease pore size. It also limits future oil production.

  • Pros:

Of course, the main advantage is having blue AND red light therapy in one device. You can just switch color at the push of a button and alternate treatments. This feature alone saves you money, if you were thinking about getting two separate devices. You’re getting an optimal light treatment by combining these acne light therapy treatments.

(Note:If you wanted an anti aging light treatment then Omnilux New-U is the other tool for this purpose.)

Blue LEDs are 415nM, and red LEDs are 633nM, which is in the right wavelenght range for skin light therapy, a total of 90 LEDs equip the device which a BIG number. The LED head is very wide (28,7 cm2), thus treating a large area of your face.

The Omnilux Clear-U device is FDA approved. It comes with specially formulated skincare samples that you will use in combination of the light therapy device. These will give you a complete skin care solution. These are:

  • 8 Neova Retinol ME .30% Skin Care Treatments – (.56 fl. oz. total),
  • One Neova Purifying Cleanser (2 fl. oz.)

Though of course you can use your own skin care products or even just the devce alone, this is a good idea from Photo Therapeutics to include these skin care treatments in the box.

Finally it includes one set of goggles. This for the comfort of your eyes, actually LED light is safe but it is bright too and it is not comfortable to directly point to your eyes. So goggles are a nice addition, just like at the clinic!

  • Cons:

Just like any skincare routine, you need to stick with it. Many people will not want to get 20 minute treatments on each area as it is not their habit. However all LED Light therapy procedure takes time to apply and we can not take this agains Omnilux Clear-U nor any other device. Though the time spent may be long this may be the most effective way to get the best reaction from your skin.

The recommended number treatments is only 2 per week, for 4 weeks (you may do maintenance treatments). Some users had to use it more to see faster results.

  • Overall

Omnilux Clear-U is a serious competitor to the Baby Blue device. It is made by Photo Therapeutics, a professional and global light therapy leader which manufactures professional equipment for clinics, dermatologists and spas. This is a serious device and its price is quite affordable if you consider you’re getting a 2-in-1 solution that provides both red and blue light treatments.

It works to clear your acne naturally, and it even includes some skin care products as well as goggles.

If acne is your main skin condition then the Omnilux Clear-U device is a highly recommended product, one of the best acne light therapy device. There is high value for your money.

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Omnilux Clear-U Reviews – What Users Are Saying

I ordered my Omnilux Clear-U about a month ago and used it twice a week. My acne vanished after couple weeks, it’s just great!
actual customer feedack from SkinCareRx

The directions say you need to use the device twice a week for a month. I got my acne disappear within two weeks. I wanted to see how it would work when my menstrual cycle would start, and I didn’t get any breakouts. Put the Omnilux device in contact with your skin. You will feel the heat but it doesn’t burn. I love the product and will stick with it.
actual user review from Amazon

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What’s included?

  • Omnilux Clear-U device
  • Power supply
  • User manual
  • Goggles
  • Skin care products

Price: $225 $195
Warranty: 1 year

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