Omnilux New-UOmnilux New-U device is the anti-aging device of Omnilux, world leader in light therapy equipment for professional and spas. The New-U device is a red light therapy device for personal use designed to reduce perioribtal wrinkles (crow’s feet), and features red (633nM) and near infrared light (830nM).

Quick Look:

  • red and near infrared light therapy device
  • 20 minute treatments
  • comes with goggles and skin care products
  • wide head ofr larger face covering
  • $195

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Omnilux New-U Review

Omnilux New-U red light therapy stimulates the anti-aging process with the increased production of collagen and elastin. It also improves your skin clarity and tone. Your overall skin condition will improve over time with regular use. Your skin will look younger and feel tighter and smoother, so you can be proud of it and defy aging.

This device is made for people who want to reduce fine lines and wrinkles and to repair sun damaged skin. Omnilux devices are very strong tools, this is a high quality device, that has proven to be effective in independent clinical studies : 70% reported a reduction of wrinkles, 80% reported a smoother skin and an improvement of clarity.

  • Pros:

Omnilux New-U is made by Photo Therapeutics, this company equips thousands of dermatologists, clinics and spas all over the world with professional LED therapy machines. They are a serious company who know what they’re doing and you can be confident in investing in their product.

The greatest point about the New-U device is its double light treatment ability: red light therapy and near infrared! This provides you more wavelenghts, meaning a better efficiency and faster results. It is very to use, with one switch button you start with infrared light and then get a red light treatment from the comfor of your home.

The head is wide and actually contains 90 LEDs (!), the highest number for hand held devices.

Its price is also pretty amazing, it’s now $195, $100 less than when it was released. For the quality and functionality this is a great investment. Compared to a session at a spa or clinic it is a smart investment.

The device comes with skin care treatments that you can use in conjunction with the device, though you can either use it alone or with your own skin care regimen. Protective goggles are also included for eyes comfort, just the same as you get in spas.

  • Cons:

Like the Omnilux Clear-U system, it requires 2 treatments of 20 minutes each per week for 4 weeks. 20 minutes per area may seem really tedious if you want a full face treatment and it may turn you off from using it.

However the best reaction from your skin is possible only if light absorbsion is important enough, thus we think it is worth it to provide a longer and more intense light treatment. Photo Therapeutics is the only manufacturer that directs the use of their home device this way.

  • Overall

An excellent system, great alternative to the Baby Quasar device which is $200 more expensive. This device (as the Omnilux Clear-U for acne) has a wide treatment surface and emits red light as well as near infrared light which at this price is now very interesting (Omnilux devices were $295 when released).

It is recommended that you should use the Omnilux New-U device for 4 to 8 weeks for the best results to appear. Of course you can do more treatments per week if you want, since light therapy is safe, and will not cause any damage to your skin. It’s also an FDA cleared tool.

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Omnilux New-U Reviews – What Others Are Saying…

“I’m a beauty product addict and I love the Omnilux New-U!!!! It’s only been few weeks and the difference is already noticeable… fine lines around my eyes are vanishing, my pores are tighter and my skin is smoother and firmer. I have to admit I use it more often than directed but LED light therapy is safe. Instead of using it twice a week I almost get my treatments every day, with 20 minutes of red light and 20 minutes with infrared light. I decided to get the Omnilux New U after a lot of research and getting treatments with facialist. Omnilux also have professional devices for spas and clinics sothey know what their stuff. This device is also more affordable than others. If you’re hesitating then I recommend just get it… you’ll be satisfied. The wait is worthwile, but be patient and stick to it to get results (at least 8 weeks as they say).”
actual user feedback from Amazon

I can see improvement on lines around my eyes and my mouth after 3 weeks of use. It takes time to see results but I guess it is worth the wait. Though the light heats up it’s not burning. This will save me tons of money spent on dermatologists visits if I keep getting results.
actual customer review from Amazon

My skin is tighter and firmer since I started to use the Omnilux NewU device. Fine lines are fading! I love this device and light feels good!
actual customer review from SkinCareRx

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Price: $225 $195.
Warranty: 1 year

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