Red Light Therapy is the main treatment for skin rejuvenation. Actually, red light is also used to treat many other conditions not related to skin care, such as pain relief, sprains, wounds, burns healing. It’s really the “color” to heal, though the beauty of it is that it stimulates your own body natural process to repair itself.

What Red Light Therapy Does To Your Skin?

Red Light TherapyAging skin comes in various form, mainly wrinkles and fine lines on your face, as well as hyerpigmentation (age spots). These symptoms may be increased by exposure to the sun light. Sun light is actually good, but over exposure can cause damages to your skin. A skin that looks old is simply lacking of nutrients. The capillaries, tiny veins that carries the blood inside your skin, have become tighter, reducing the flow of these nutrients.

But your skin is able to absorb light. When penetrating your skin, the light will trigger several rejuvenating effects. Cell renewal is one of these. The capillaries, will now be able to carry more blood and bring proteins and others to the surface. The other big effect is the stimulation of collagen and elastin. Both of these proteins are important in the firmness and elasticity of your skin, but are decreasing when we age.

With red light therapy your skin is now nourrished by your own body, that produces more collagen and thus fills the fine lines and wrinkles. Your skin becomes smoother and younger naturally. It’s also healthier, overall and you will see a better skin tone.

You can stop buying some of your creams and lotions!

Red Light Therapy Is A Proven Skin Care Solution

You certainly know by now that LED light therapy has been researched and developed by NASA. It was first proven to help plants to grow, and the technology revealed to be effective in humans too. The range of wavelenght for effective red light treatments is around 660nm.

A good red light therapy device will be one of your best weapon in your skin care arsenal. Not only it removes ongoing costs that comes with anti aging creams it’s also completely natural. It’s also even more effective when combined to infrared light therapy, some devices are equiped with both types of LEDs.

Red light therapy is also a great addition to blue light therapy to adress acne. Red light actually reduces the inflammation that causes redness, and will heal acne scars too.

This is truly one of the newest, most effective, natural and safest skin care solution on the market.

While previously only available at skin professionals office such as dermatologists and spas, you now can get afforable red light therapy treatments from the comfort of your own home. Browse the light therapy devices menu on the right to find out what they can do for your skin. Among the popular ones you will find Baby Quasar, LightStim Anti Aging,Omnilux New-U and DPL Therapy System.